Smokin Booty Rubs 544g

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3 PACK GIFT BOX: Rub it, shake it marinade it...give your meat a little help!!!

Featuring the best BBQ spices from the best BBQ'ers in America: Kansas City, Memphis and Carolina!

Why settle for the same old rump, when you can have a smokin' one? These BBQ rubs are the best from America.

KC Butt Spice - from Kansas City, for pork, beef and poultry: Famous for this sweet smoky flavour on butts, breasts and ribs.

Pig's Ass Rub - from Memphis: Known for the flavour of vinegar, chilli, garlic and paprika, this rub is perfect for pork butts and ribs.

Rub some Butt - from Carolina: Mustard and vinegar flavour blended with savoury spices for the best pulled pork in the world!

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