Smokes Brisket Black BBQ Rub 300g

Product Code: SMOGGH2K9


Boosting bark development, this coffee infused rub is well suited for oven roasting and those longer BBQ cooks.

But, don't let the name fool you, use Brisket Black on all red meats, including steak, burgers, ground and wild game.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Coconut Sugar, Spices (including Garlic, Black Pepper, Onion), Worcestershire Powder, Coffee, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Rice Bran Oil, fermented Soy Sauce powder, Mushroom powder, Flavour Enhancer 621, Caramel Colour 150d, Anti-caking Agent 551.

Heat: MILD (2/10)

Proudly crafted in Alberta, Canada. Made in Australia.