Pink Salt Himalayan Fine 400g

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Imran's Himalayan Pink Salt is naturally composed of 84 trace minerals and elements. It's a superior alternative to salt which is devoid of about 80 of its natural occurring minerals, which is necessary for the overall state of well-being. 
The high quality salt has been naturally formed and preserved in pristine conditions when waves washed up against the foothills of the Himalayan mountain ranges about 250 million years ago. It has naturally over time formed sea deposits which have fossilized in the Himalayan mountain ranges, where they are now hand harvested.
Why is it so good?
It is a full spectrum salt with natural colour
Subtle flavour perfect for all foods
Naturally composed of 84 trace minerals and elements
In its raw state free from impurities
Unrefined, unprocessed with no preservatives
Naturally shelf stable and can be stored for years.