Diemen's Stinger Hot Sauce 150ml

Product Code: DIE20OL127


Made in Australia with Tasmania's native Diemen pepper, Diemen's Stinger Hot Sauce kicks it up a notch, adding more than a touch of michief to your meal. A healthy dose of Habanero (compared to our Originalsauce) compliments the front of tongue sensation with the habanero's back of throat lingering afterburn.

Up to 5 times stronger than ordinary black pepper, Tasmannia Ianceolata leaves and fruit contain a hot tasting compound that releases a fragrant, spicy taste, with a bushy rainforest feel.

Praised by chefs, bartenders and BBQ pitmasters for its lingering afterburn, this wild mountain pepper brings sweet fruit tones before the full effects of heat are experienced.

Gluten free. All natural ingredients. No preservatives added.

Ingredients: Red Chilli Puree (Red Cayenne, Red Habanero), Vinegar, Water, Salt, Garlic, diemen Pepper Berries and Xantham

Heat Level: Intense

Made in Australia

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