Biltong Spice 100g

Product Code: BIL773PJ61


Product of South Africa. Delicious Biltong (Jerky) spice, complete with sugar and all necessary spices. Use about 40g per kilo of meat. 

Biltong Recipe: 

When making Biltong use a good quality meat and remove as much connective tissue as possible. (Silverside, top side or even rump will be great to use.)  Cut the meat into long strips (width 20-50mm). Use plastic, stainless steel or enamel containers to season your biltong in.

Use about 30 - 45g of Biltong spice per kilo of meat. First sprinkle the cut meat with vinegar and then spice. Lie for about three hours turning the meat every 30 minutes. Then start the drying process (by hanging or in a dehydrator).

During the drying process about 50 - 60% of the meat mass is lost.

Biltong can be stored in a vacuum sealed pack in a freezer indefinitely.