Mexican Latino Grocer selling Natural Spice and Herbs, Chillies from Mexico and also the World's Hottest Carolina Reaper Chilli.


Mexican, Colombian, El Salvadorian, Peruvian and other Latino Food, Spices, Herbs, Curry, Chilli and gourmet condiments...fresh and the best!

The Spice Wagon supplies freshly ground spices with no filler agents or artificial flavours. Weigh out as much as you need. The difference is: Our spices are FRESH, NATURAL and the best QUALITY that we can source. Our huge range of Latin American products are fresh and cheap.


We stock an huge range of products from Mexico, Peru, Colombia, El Salvador and many other Hispanic countries. These products include Chilli Chipotle in Adobo SauceLiquid SmokeEl Yucateco Chilli SaucesSalsa VerdeNacho Cheese SauceTapatio SauceMasa ListaMasa HarinaHominyBlack BeansMexican ChocolateTabascoAchiote PasteAnnatto SeedTortilla PressAdobo Seasoning, Panela, Epazote and much more!!! Click HERE to view the full range of Mexican Food Ingredients . Don't look any further for your Mexican food. You'll cook as good as the food you can buy from a Mexican Restaurant. We supply the original cast iron Mexican Tortilla Press.


Cascabel Chilli

We probably stock the best range of Mexican Chillies in Perth if not Australia. Our dried chillies include the AnchosMulatoMoritaChipotle, Cascabel, Pasilla NegroGuajillio de Arbol Bhut Jolokia or the Ghost Chilli, a Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and Ghost Chilli Mix; and more. Now also available the hottest chilli in the world. Yes the Carolina Reaper, the newest, hottest chilli pepper in the world. We stock a huge range of VERY HOT Chilli Sauces including Blair's Death Sauces, Diemen's Australian Chilli Sauces, Cobra Chilli Sauces, The Ghost Reaper Sauces and many more.


Our Herbs and Spices are fresh with no additives or bulking agents such as rice flour. We also stock unique spices and blends such as Ras El Hanout, SumacChermoulaMoroccan SpiceJuniper BerriesDukkahSmoked Paprika, Baharat and MANY more .


Our gourmet food products include Preserved LemonsPomegranate MolassesLiquid SmokeRose Water, Agave Syrup, Orange Blossom Water, Truffle Salt, etc. We are proud to assist all Skinnymixers with ingredients for their Recipe Book: Little Taste of Mexico.


Try products from our Herbal Tea (loose leaf) range. This include DamianaLicorice RootHibiscus Flower, etc.

The Spice Wagon. Perth, Western Australia.


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